On February 24, 2022, russia launched a full-scale war against Ukraine. At 3:40 in the morning, the invasive forces invaded the sovereign state’s territory. They started carrying out massive missile strikes on infrastructure and civilian objects in all regions of Ukraine.

We are an international company with a long Ukrainian history and roots. The first offices and R&D centers were established in the south of Ukraine. Many of our colleagues are from the south – from Kherson and Mykolaiv. russia’s occupation actions caused indescribable suffering, grief, and pain to many people in the country.

Colleagues, we support you, your relatives, and your loved ones with all available forces. We take part in volunteer activities and help financially and physically.

We ask everyone who can help to continue to support Ukrainians so that they can resist and stop the criminal actions of russia as soon as possible.

What you can do_
Take care of the mental health of yourself and your loved ones by applying for free professional help.
What Postindustria is doing_

The company provided conditions under which colleagues in Ukraine could work safely: helped with relocation to safer regions and abroad.

We supported employee volunteer initiatives and created an internal company fund. With the collected funds, Postindustria employees helped Ukrainians in the temporarily occupied territories, bought food/medicine for animal shelters, and helped with equipment for brigades in which their relatives and friends serve. Each of our clients can contribute to the fund.

Postindustria became a partner of the KOLO fund, an association of Ukrainian IT experts that helps the Armed Forces of Ukraine to purchase technological equipment. We transferred the equipment from our office in Mykolaiv to the 36th brigade of the Armed Forces to equip the headquarters.

How Postindustria evolves_

Thanks to the unique environment, and our teams, despite the war and pandemic, we have achieved 50% yearly growth over the last years. So far, we are on track to accelerate and grow our engineering capabilities 5x more within the next four years. 

Focusing on our key technologies next years — artificial intelligence, machine learning, and 3D modeling, we continue developing our Southern-European offices and expanding Ukraine teams with even more passion and support.