Referral rewards program_

We are sure that if you come to this page, you have talented friends or acquaintances who could boost our projects with their knowledge and become part of a constantly growing team.

We are pleased to encourage you with a monetary reward for participating in the growth of our company. You get a bonus, your friend – a career in a tech company with well-known product and service projects.

So, don’t hesitate, go to open vacancies and recommend a friend for the proper position!

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Frequently asked questions

How can I recommend people?

Go to the Vacancy section and determine the one for which you can recommend a candidate. Prepare a resume or link to the candidate’s LinkedIn profile. Contact our recruiters in a convenient way: telegram chat, Facebook messenger, or mail.

The bonus size depends on the level of the specialist you recommend.

How much reward will I receive?

Technical specialties:
$ 1500 — Lead and Senior Specialist
$ 1000 — Middle Specialist
$ 500 — Junior Specialist

Non-technical specialties:
$ 500

The interviewer will determine the candidate’s level based on the interview results.

Who can recommend people?

Anyone who has a potential candidate among acquaintances, friends, or their environment.

How is the reward paid?

After the recommended specialist completes the probationary period, the company will transfer the recommendation bonus to the recommender’s account. The probationary period is 6 months from the date of employment.

Terms of participation in the reward program

  • you can recommend specialists only on the Open vacancies page;
  • be sure to inform the specialist that you recommend them for a position in our company;
  • we expect that the recommended candidate will be open to cooperation and is considering the possibility of changing jobs;
  • company recruiters will only consider a candidate whom they have not contacted in the last 2 months;
  • if several people recommend one candidate, the reward will be given to the one who recommended the specialist first (the recruiter will warn a recommender about it).

Choose one or more vacancies among the open ones, and recommend your friends without hesitation!

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